Custom uniforms

Comfortable, practical and elegant professional clothing

Bspot is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing custom uniforms for professionals in various areas: health, catering, hygiene, teaching, security, marketing, services, business, sports, among others.

All projects are idealized based on the objectives presented by the clients and on a multidisciplinary team study of real daily working needs.

Bspot uniforms are manufactured with top quality materials, possess excellent finishes and always integrate details that make the pieces exclusive, with a touch of differentiation and sophistication.

Types of professional uniforms

In our company, you will find the following types of professional uniforms for children, men and women:

– School uniforms
– Household uniforms
– Hospital uniforms
– Aviation uniforms
– Company uniforms
– Sports and leisurre uniforms
– Advertising and events uniforms
– Oil industry uniforms
– Restaurant and hotel uniforms
– Firefighter and security uniforms
– Aesthetics, fitnesse center and SPA uniforms
– Distribution and transportation uniforms
– Retail, services and industry uniforms
– Professional footwear, uniform accessories and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

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