Customized merchandising manufacturing

Varied pieces for promotion of companies, people and events

Bspot is a company specialized in manufacturing fully customized merchandising, which can be used in several situations, especially in promotional events related with a company, a brand or a person/group.

In a first stage, the creative department makes an evaluation of the real needs of promotion, the target audience and the venue where the event will take place. Then, it designs the best solutions to enhance the institutional image.

In terms of merchandising production, our team is able to work with several quantities and with all kinds of materials available in the market, namely: ceramics, textiles, acrylics, paper, wood, technology (…).

Types of merchandising products

In our company, we have several types of merchandising products / gifts to order:

– Textiles
– Polos
– Caps
– Pareos
– Handbags
– T-shirts
– Aprons
– Backpacks
– Pencils
– Pens
– Agendas
– Flags
– Notepads
– Promotional towels (…).

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