PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Equipment that guarantees maximum work safety

Bspot offers all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which are usually used as a complement to company, protection and security, aviation, industry and services, firefighters and military uniforms.

These products help protect their users very effectively, namely from sparks, liquids, acids and fire, as they are made of very resistant and technologically advanced materials.

All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are duly approved and high quality, extremely comfortable and also fashionable in terms of design, thus combining with various uniforms.

Types of PPE for business, aviation, industry and services, firefighters and military, and security and safety

In our company, you will find the following types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), for companies, aviation, industry and services, firefighters and military, and protection and security, for men, women and children:

– Masks with and without filter
– Helmets
– Reflective strips
– Seat belts
– Welding goggles
– Hearing protection
– Ear protection
– Fall protection
– Eye and face protection
– Torso, foot and leg protection (knee pads…)
– Hands and arms protection (gloves, cuffs…)
– Airway protection (filtering devices, masks…)
– Protective footwear (boots with toe caps, steel insoles, instep protection…).

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