Uniforms for companies and brands

Professional clothing for various positions, departments and brands

Bspot designs and manufactures custom uniforms for small, medium and large companies and brands, for the most varied departments and professional positions – reception, sales, secretaries, management (…).

The pieces, for men and women, can be made in numerous fabrics and include embroideries or stamps of different sizes, with images, logos, badges or initials, which enables identification and strengthening of the impact of internal and external communication.

Uniforms, footwear, accessories and PPE for companies created by Bspot are the result of a thorough study of the needs detected in the respective units and are differentiated according to the details chosen in order to always provide maximum elegance and comfort to employees.

Types of institutional and corporate uniforms

In our company, you will find the following types of uniforms and institutional and corporate uniforms for men and women:

– Uniforms for fitness centers
– Uniforms for car brands
– Uniforms for airlines (airplanes)
– Uniforms for banks and financial institutions
– Institutional and corporate uniforms for administration
– Institutional and corporate uniforms for customer service
– Institutional and corporate uniforms for secretarial services.

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