Uniforms for protection and security

Professional clothing that ensures protection and visibility

Bspot creates and manufactures custom-made uniforms and safety and security uniforms, with or without footwear, accessories and PPE included, which are used, for example, by surveillance companies and to provide greater visibility to employees on site or at night.

In these pieces – in synthetic fibers and/or natural fibers – we also make embroideries or stamping of various dimensions, with images, logos, badges or initials of the institution/entity concerned, which allows for fast identification.

Protection and security uniforms made by Bspot’s team are top quality items, which excel in integrating different details and very resistant finishes, thus ensuring a longer durability to them.

Uniforms for security professionals

In our company, you can find the following uniforms for security professionals, both for men and women:

– Uniforms and protections for security personnel
– Uniforms and protections for factory workers
– Uniforms and protections for architects
– Uniforms and protections for construction workers.
– Uniforms and protections for engineers
– Uniforms, and protections for security and control technicians
– Uniforms and protections for night and day security guards (airports, shops, buildings, companies, condominiums…).

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