Uniforms for restaurants and hotels

Clothing for hotel, restaurant and coffee shop employees

Bspot’s team designs and manufactures 100% custom uniforms for restaurants and hotels, with or without footwear and/or accessories included, for various professionals, including cooks, baggage handlers, chauffeurs (…).

These pieces – in synthetic and/or natural fibres – can integrate embroideries or stamping of various dimensions, with images, logos, badges or initials, which allows immediate identification of the employee and brand reinforcement.

The uniforms for restaurants and hotels with Bspot signature are always designed to combine comfort and elegance, differentiating from others thanks to quality finishes and good taste of the details applied.

Uniforms for hotels and restaurants

In our company, you can order the following uniforms for hotels and restaurants, both for men and women:

– Uniforms for room/table/bar manager
– Uniforms for couriers and baggage handlers
– Uniforms for receptionists and administrative staff
– Uniforms for bartenders/baristas
– Uniforms for chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants
– Uniforms for valet, doormen and chauffeurs/drivers
– Uniforms for cleaning and floor maids.

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