Uniforms for services and industry

Professional clothing for heavy industry

Bspot is a company that has teams specialized in designing and manufacturing custom uniforms, with or without footwear, accessories and PPE included, for services and industry: construction, electrical, mechanical, nautical and space.

The pieces can be made of synthetic fibers and/or natural fibers and integrate embroidery or stamping of various dimensions, with images, logos, badges or initials of the company, an option that ensures greater brand awareness.

The uniforms signed by Bspot are always the result of a previous analysis of each client’s needs, in order to try to design comfortable and distinctive clothing, with details that really make the difference.

Uniforms for factories and services

In our company, you can order the following uniforms for factories and services, both for men and women:

– Uniforms for factory workers
– Uniforms for mechanics and electricians
– Uniforms for factory workers
– Uniforms for construction workers and engineers
– Uniforms for heavy industry: steel, metallurgical, mechanical, petrochemical and cement.

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